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Singer. Songwriter. Podcaster.



Uncovering the lyrics to my life, while on a journey of self discovery.



Letting life create my greatest hits…

Shaina is a songwriter (with a full-time day job), based out of Jackson, Mississippi. On top of being a creative, she is a mom, a wife, and a black woman trying to find the balance of it all, while staying true to herself.

Shaina has always had dreams to write songs and speak to women about self-empowerment and living in your truth. However, after becoming a wife and a mom, it became hard for her to focus on her craft, while figuring out how to nail everything else. That is when she decided to create songs based on her everyday life and situations, as a black woman. She also created the podcast, Sisterly Love, as a space where women who wanted to break away from social norms and pressures, could be free to do just that.

I often found that the intimate and intricate conversations about life, as a young Black woman, Christian, mom, and/or wife, were not readily available. With my podcast, I want to have the conversations, that the church is not having, with women who are in the same space of life as me…With my songs, I want to write and sing about things that women can relate to, so that they know they are not alone in their experiences.”

Shaina’s overall goal is to be open and honest about her life, whether it be changes, struggles and breakthroughs, all while sprinkling songs and laughter in the midst.